Maryann D Akinboyewa from WhitmanWatchChancellor’s Award for Public Engagement & Scholarship

Honors student Maryann Akinboyewa’s dedication and service to community were celebrated with the conferring of The Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship. The award recognizes committed students who have significantly contributed to their communities through innovative public scholarship and community engagement.

Maryann devoted countless hours to the Office of Engagement Programs where she ran the smART program for middle school students and later became the Assistant Program Director of all of OEP.

Maryann’s Capstone project, “Be Kind More Confident” combines her deep commitment to civic engagement with her professional prowess and her intellectual capabilities. “Be Kind More Confident” is a social brand aiming to empower women and girls to be their most confident selves. “Be Kind” is an urge for women to silence the nay-saying thoughts while “More Confident,” asks women to show more confidence when they are out facing the world. The Be Kind More Confident mission is simple: encourage young women to be kinder to themselves and more confident when they are out there.


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