Eileen Spath ’14 hosts a morning radio show on WJPZ. She is on air live giving you the day’s weather, introducing songs, and sharing local and national news. As a morning show host, Eileen researches entertainment news – everything from what’s happening with Kate and Will to what Justin Beiber has been up to lately. She and her co-hosts take calls, play games, and talk about what’s “hot,” both in the world and in the area. Her favorite role at WJPZ, however, is as the Internal Relations Director. Eileen says she mediates “internal conflicts and promote[s] station unity. I joke that I’m part therapist, part social chair. It’s kind of true – I get to know everyone pretty well and feel I’m contributing to the station in a needed way.”

Sounds pretty good, right? But there’s more to this Newhouse than just a pretty voice. At CitrusTV, Eileen does everything from training new members to producing live post-game sports shows. When producing, it’s her job to coordinate everyone – editors, reporters and crew to make sure the show comes together. For this job description, Eileen says, “I also produce graphics for our live sports broadcasts and direct shows. It can be stressful, but it’s a lot of fun. Additionally, I’m responsible for coordinating our partnership with the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, a local high school. We go to the school and talk with broadcast students, giving them advice and feedback.”

Eileen’s civic engagement is truly inspirational. She’s adding to her professional portfolio and resume, while at the same time doing so much more. In her own words, “I’ve learned a lot, especially with teaching other students who are interested in broadcasting and production. It’s amazing what taking time out of your day can do for someone else. It’s shown me that you can use your skills to teach and help others fulfill their goals. Going forward, I hope to expand on that, especially with my relationship with the local school. I’m hoping to expand the program further and make an even bigger impact.”

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