We in the Honors Program are always impressed by the bonds created between our students and professors. It is no wonder we call it an Honors COMMUNITY. We wanted to share these wonderful photos of a recent trip that our Honors professor and Core Faculty member, John Western, took with his former students to the Whetstone Gulf Gorge. Yes, former students. We are proud that the bonds in the classroom lead to relationships well after our students have left the seats of their former classes. This recent trip just goes to show what wonderful friendships can be created here in the Honors Program!

Students on Nature Walk

Students on the lip of the Whetstone Gulf Gorge.     

Group on the very northern end of the 15 miles or so of continuous sand dunes at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. This place is called Black Pond, a couple of miles north of Southwick Beach State Park.
Dramatis personae: Hannah Louys, John Western & Belle, Paige Jarmuz, Bo Stewart, Andrew Frasier, Margo Woodring, Brian Cheung.

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