Q&A about Poetry with Marvin Bell
and Stephen Kuusisto 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:00 pm
Hinds Hall, Rm 347, Katzler Room
Bring your Bag Lunch, Drinks Provided
Free and Open to the Public

Steve Kuusisto writes: “No one knows where the crazy apple comes from. My friend Marvin Bell once wrote a poem called “Crazy Apple”. Meanwhile the fruit, the literal, non-Miltonic, Luther Burbank fruit ticks and ticks in the orchard like thought itself. The world “worlds” as Heidegger would say–or he did say it, past tense, the world in the act of becoming but always yesterday. But the crazy apple is turning toward the future, sun baked in the pure silence of its growing. Look at it: imperfect and dark as an ancestor’s shoe.”


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