The Honors Thesis Process Varies by College & Major

No matter your undergraduate program or major, there is a path through the Honors Thesis process for you.  Whether you continue on to graduate school, professional school, or enter the work force, your Thesis is the centerpiece of your professional portfolio.

Latest Honors Thesis News

An Honors Capstone can be Anything you Want it to Be

August 13, 2018
Jackie Homan with capstone book

An Honors Capstone can be Anything you Want it to Be Jackie Homan, ’18, used her Crown Award Capstone funding turn a two-year project into more than an essay: she published a book!  Her work…

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An Opportunity to Travel the World

August 6, 2018
Caitlin Harrison standing next to brick building

An Opportunity to Travel the World Caitlin Harrison (‘18), receieved funding to complete her Honors Capstone entitled Refugees Welcome? Why Governments Decide to Accept or Reject Refugees.  She focused on whether or not public opinion…

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Set Apart from the Ret

July 31, 2018
Anthe Stylianou, with arm raised, smiling

Set Apart from the Rest Anthe Stylianou used Crown funding to complete her Capstone entitled Characterizing Pitx2 Tooth Morphology and Candidate Genes of Axenfeld- Rieger Syndrome in Zebrafish. Her research focused on Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome (ARS),…

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Texture of Memory

July 27, 2018
Amanda Liberty in Venice Ghetto

Texture of Memory The definition of memory is “the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms.” For her research, Amanda used the memory of the…

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Networking and Innovation

July 20, 2018
Yejin Lee holding capstone paper

Networking and Innovation Yejin Lee researched how to utilize already explored blockchain potentials as a guide to explore and introduce new potentials in blockchain for supply chain in omni-channels. Her Crown Award funding allowed her…

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An Opportunity to Conduct Research that no one else is Doing

July 13, 2018
Greg Walsh with research poster

An Opportunity to Conduct Research Nobody Else is Doing In his capstone project, A Compact Binary Coalescence Search for Gravitational Wave Counterparts to Fast Radio Burst Events, Greg Walsh used multi-messenger astronomy to probe an…

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A Feeling of Accomplishment

July 6, 2018
Margaret McCoy standing next to research poster

A Feeling of Accomplishment Margaret McCoy’s research project, Control of Meiotic Prophase One Progression in the Perinatal Mouse Ovary, focused on developing an in house method for analyzing meiotic prophase one. Margaret created a timeline…

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2018 Capstone Presentation Day Schedule

April 27, 2018
Pictures of dogs and capstone titles

2018 Capstone Presentation Day Schedule Take a look! It’s the Capstone Presentation Day schedule! We hope you’ll join us! Details in the PDF below. To search for a student, or anything in particular, just Ctrl…

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A Pyramid for the 21st Century

December 14, 2017

A Pyramid for the 21st Century By: Meredith Coccoluto Maximilian Kronauer (Architecture ‘17) completed his capstone project entitled Charon’s Passage: A Pyramid for the 21st Century. Maximilian’s project focuses on the role cemeteries can play…

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Race, Values, and Social Welfare

December 13, 2017
Picture of Chris Pulliam

Race, Values, and Social Welfare By: Dulce Morales “Do not be afraid,” shares Christopher Pulliam, Class of ’17. Pulliam offers this advice to anyone working on their capstone. As he worked on piecing his project,…

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