Find Your Alum Mentor!

Interested in a potential internship, job, or mentor? The student-run Honors Advisory Program invites you to join the alumni networking program with an EXCLUSIVE honors training session. Hundreds of alumni (800+) have extended opportunities for students to connect with them for career conversations via video chat or phone. Each one is a valuable opportunity for you to gain career advice, networking experience, and industry knowledge.

Still not sold? Here’s a word from Matt Wheeler, the Associate Director for Alumni Relations:

      “When students embrace the ‘prepared, curious and grateful’ approach, they are much more likely to feel confident and have a successful conversation with their match. It’s a good practice that isn’t exactly taught in most classes and the approach will benefit them in the future.”

Ready to get started? Fill out THIS REGISTRATION FORM to get your name in the system. Once completed, you will have the ability to attend an exclusive networking tips and tricks session led by Matt on NOVEMBER 9th at 5:00pm in Bowne 306 (Honors Suite)

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