Food Service Accountability Committee

Two Honors students are working to improve the dining halls at SU and want YOUR HELP to keep their mission going!

The Food Service Accountability Committee is a student-led organization created by two Syracuse University Honors students (Sophie Clinton ‘24 and Ashtha Singh ‘24) in 2021 to work as an unbiased party in SU Food Services. FSAC gathers student feedback in order to improve the food in university dining halls. This data is collected by interviewing students, holding campus-wide town halls, and facilitating self-submitted survey data. The FSAC team presents this data to leadership in SU Food Services regularly to create solutions that address student concerns promptly and effectively. FSAC works as a bridge between students and administration to ensure that student feedback is central to SU Food Services developments.  

The highest priority of the Food Services Accountability Committee is to accurately represent and communicate the perspective of the SU student body on the dining halls. As outlined by the name, FSAC was created to hold SU Food Services accountable in their role of providing a healthy, inclusive, and accommodating dining experience for all students.  

Please email or with any questions, or if you are interested in helping us gauge student opinion to improve the dining halls for SU/ESF students. Please feel free to use this survey to share your thoughts as well: 

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