“I Smiled As I Died”

Tara Sandlin’s honors thesis, a multi-media performance on gendered violence in the Bible entitled “I Smiled As I Died,” will be performed on Saturday, December 10 at 5 pm in Hendricks Chapel. Tara’s program features music, poetry, and textile art inspired by two stories of physical and structural gendered violence in the Bible and will include new music, all by gender-marginalized composers. The immersive performance will invite audience members to move about the performance space, which also means that you can easily come and go as needed for your schedule and mental well-being given the subject matter. Interest piqued? Check out this trailer video created from early rehearsals; it’s only gotten better, and there are now more props!   

This free, open-to-the-public thesis was made possible by Honors funding (the Wise-Marcus Fifty Year Friendship Award). Hope to see you there and feel free to email tsandlin@syr.edu with any questions!

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