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Syracuse Abroad is sponsoring a summer program which is connected to the spring Honors class, Education in South Africa and the US. The summer program is Education and Inclusion in Post-Apartheid South Africa, EDU 400/600, June 1-21, 2023.

South Africa is a country rich in history, culture, language, and diversity. It is also, according to the World Bank, the world’s most unequal country. This program is a 3-credit course in June for students interested in learning about educational systems and practice in another country. This program would offer study in Makhanda, an Eastern Cape Province town in South Africa.

This course will engage students in learning through both study and practice. Students will learn about the postapartheid South African educational system, including its role in both maintaining socioeconomic and educational inequities and contesting these inequities in the first three decades of democracy. Students will also have hands-on experiences working with teachers and students in middle schools, a school for socially marginalized youth, and an after school mentoring program run by Inkululeko, a non-governmental organization. Students will have additional observation opportunities in several other public and private schools in

Information Session:
November 9
Jacquet Commons in Huntington Hall

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