Students Tell Their Stories Walking

front cover of 2021 issue
Tell Your Story Walking, an annual collection of creative work by the Honors Community.

Tell Your Story Walking is a collection of creative work by Syracuse University honors students and alumni, curated by current honors students.

Guided by Honors instructor Jeffrey Pepper Rogers, Tell Your Story Walking is designed to create community by providing a platform for creative nonfiction, visual art, and multimedia to give a voice to individual experiences and perspectives. This year’s staff includes Lily Braden, editor; Kate Brennan, managing editor; Dakota Chambers, copy chief; Alexandra Hodge, design director, Jenna Lee, art editor, Odelia Lalehzarian, marketing director, Tasfia Sultana, web designer, Dorbor Tarley, multimedia editor, Alaina Triantafilledes, editor, and Mel Wilder, designer.

Tell Your Story Walking is published annually on their website and as a print magazine. Learn more about the debut 2020 collection in this Daily Orange story.

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