Explore Sport, History and Culture in Australia

student in Australia with koala
Student on a former trip enjoying the company of a koala.

Honors students are invited apply to Professor Rick Burton’s short term study abroad experience: SPM 300/SOC 300 Australia: Sport, History and Culture. Students will be offered Australia’s unique opportunities to experience a rich cultural exchange and fascinating historical exploration…all mixed with a population’s passionate love for sport that is sometimes humorously described as “Australia’s national religion.” Students will explore four distinct regions across Australia while traveling to Sydney,
Melbourne, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and Daintree National Park, will meet with local Aboriginal leaders, and will explore the many tropical adventurous activities that abound in Australia.

The Syracuse University abroad program runs from June 1-19, 2022. This 3-credit course is cross-listed as both Sport Management (SPM) and Sociology (SOC), making it applicable as an SPM elective or a class toward the core Liberal Arts requirements. Professor Burton, Honors Core Faculty, teaches HNR 340 Baseball in American Culture, and previously worked in Australia as the commissioner of the Australian National Basketball League.

All students must apply through Syracuse Abroad here. For more information, email Syracuse Abroad counselor Stephanie Ramin or Rick Burton.

students in front of Australia skyline
Students enjoying Australian sun and skyline.

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