Call for Proposals for “Performing Identities Across Cultures”

artists from PICS 2021
Artists’ work from the 2021 PICS performance season.

Performing Identities Across Cultures (PICS) is looking for student and faculty performance artists of all crafts to submit proposals for Performing Identities Across Cultures (PICS.) PICS is a CUSE grant-funded performance initiative at Syracuse University through the Language Matters program. Performance artists are invited to contribute a 10-minute live, virtual or hybrid piece in any language based on the theme, “Recharging Home: What does HOME mean to you?”

Submissions will be based on this prompt: “In the past several years, our concept of home has evolved immensely. Some were stuck at home for months on end, while others were unable to return home. For some, what home once used to mean has changed entirely. Identity, community, and belonging are also connected to home and these can also change, depending on where and what “home” is.”

Selected groups will perform their pieces live and/or on screen on the Syracuse University Quad in spring 2022 and may be eligible to receive a cash award. Singers, actors, musicians, comedians, dancers, filmmakers, artists of all kinds are welcome and encouraged to apply!

Fill out the brief proposal form at this link by February 7

Final cripts are due in late March. Questions can be sent by email to 

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