Rose Hodges ’24 Selected for Lender Center Fellowship

The Lender Center aspires to foster proactive, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to issues related to social justice, equity and inclusion.

Honors student Rose Hodges was recently selected as one of the student fellows who will participate in the 2021-23 Lender Center for Social Justice Fellowship. During this fellowship, which lasts through Spring 2023, Rose will work with Dr. Seyeon Lee on the “Access to Wellness” project. A few years ago, Dr. Lee was asked by CenterState CEO, an economic development organization, to design a women’s wellness center on the North Side of the city. Dr. Lee conducted a design charrette with Northside residents, and in the fall of 2020, the Northside Women’s Wellness Center opened its doors. Rose will contribute to Dr. Lee’s next 2021 Lender Center for Social Justice fellowship program, which is based on her research “Access to Women’s Wellness.”

As a student fellow, Rose will observe wellness and health opportunities in the North Side neighborhoods, talk to residents and forge partnerships with local nonprofits YMCA, YWCA and Hopeprint, a family empowerment organization. The drive behind this current fellowship program is to identify barriers to access in the areas of physical wellness, mental wellness, family wellness, child care, education and youth enrichment. In phase two, the faculty-student fellowship team will design opportunities to close those gaps. Hodges, a VPA student majoring in Environmental & Interior Design and minoring in architecture, is thrilled to be selected among the many competitive applicants for this immersive fellowship that will engage her with faculty and students from various discipline, exercise her skills in public discussions and research presentations, and contribute in tangible and lasting ways to the local community. For more information about the fellowship, the Lender Center, and Dr. Lee’s work, see a full story here:

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