Martin Fernandez ’24 Receives GSA Recognition

Martin presents his poster at the 2021 GSA conference.

Honors student Martin Fernandez, who is majoring in Earth Sciences, recently traveled to Portland, Oregon, to present a poster illustrating his team’s research findings at the Geological Society of America Connects 2021, one of the largest regularly held conferences for geology and paleontology. His poster, “Preliminary Investigations into the Ecology, Functional Morphology; Hydrostatics of the Devonian Annulated Orthocone Cephalopod, Spyroceras” was awarded a student prize by the GBGM division of the GSA. One judge commented, “Martin had one of the coolest poster designs I saw at the conference, as evidenced by the large crowd that was gathered around his poster the entire session.” Judges additionally noted Martin’s ability to handle harsh questions and his deep knowledge of the subject matter. Martin is an undergraduate research assistant for Linda Ivany, Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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