Empty Bowls Event


Guests are served soup in a handmade bowl in exchange for a donation to fight hunger. They are asked to keep that bowl as a reminder of the meal’s purpose. Every time they take that bowl from the cupboard, they will be reminded that someone’s bowl is empty. So, on this occasion they have helped to change the world of an individual by elevating hunger. And can do so again any time.
All money collected will be donated to an organization fighting hunger chosen by the people involved in that particular event. The Interreligious Food Consortium has been the recipient of this fundraiser for the last 18 years!
Sounds simple? It is. Think about it. Ceramic and other craft students creating bowls, potters teaching students to make and glaze bowls, school service-learning projects happening at every level. The possibilities are endless.
We invite you to participate. Join a small group of Honors students for a free lunch and bring home the bowl.

Sign up here and then meet in the Honors suite, 306 Bowne, at 10:45am on Friday, September 24th. We’ll return to campus after the event. The first ten people to sign up will get to go!

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