35 Lives 33 Years: Exhibit by Lauren Miller ’21

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Bound by Collective Grief Then and Now

April 19th-23rd, Schine 304ABC

An Art Exhibition highlighting Syracuse University Student Artists

Curated by Honors senior, Lauren Miller ’21

“On December 21,1988 state-sponsored terrorists attacked flight Pan Am 103, killing everyone on board including 35 students studying abroad with Syracuse University. These students were a lot like us, they missed trains, dreamt of being famous artists and tried to live fully in this weird twilight between adulthood and childhood. In years to come the massive hole that was left in the wake of the attack, continued to deeply, profoundly and collectively impact our community. It was a professor now with a few students missing from their class, a friend group without their best karaoke member, and a volleyball team with one less teammate.
33 years later, we are again in the midst of a time tipped sideways because of the pandemic. It could be the senior year that never was, a loved one missing from the next family gathering, or a feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion. While this feeling of grief caused by the pandemic can be extremely isolating, we are also all bound in it together.
What you see here today is the creation of 35 current Syracuse student artists’ impressions of the 35 original students who were lost. Their art also encompasses the themes of looking forward and collective grief. This exhibition speaks to and connects our shared losses across the 33 years.”

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