Caitlyn Pritchard
Hometown: San Diego, CA
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Caitlyn: Hi, I am a junior majoring in Biology, Forensic Science and Policy Studies on the pre-health track! My goal is to earn my MD and go into forensic pathology, ideally with the FBI. I plan to take a gap year after I graduate and earn my Master’s Degree in Biomedical Forensics at Syracuse before going to medical school. I am a member of the Dean’s Team in the College of Arts and Sciences and a member of Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club. I’m on the e-board for both organizations, as VP for Snare Quidditch. I also work as an athletic tutor for Stevenson Educational Center and as a research assistant for Dr. Bill Coplin. Additionally, I am involved as a U100 Tour Guide, FYS 101 Teaching Assistant, and Honors Peer Mentor. There are so many perks to being in Honors, my favorite being the variety of courses that are offered. I am currently taking the Baseball Culture class and I think it’s been my favorite class so far because I love baseball! Another perk of being in Honors is early selection of courses and the ability to take over 19 credits each semester. Early selection makes it easier for me to have the courses I need and, as a triple major, I might need to take over 19 credits at a time to ensure I graduate on time. I enjoy baking and cooking for fun and love to bake for my friends’ birthdays. A fun fact about me is, over the summer I was able to shadow the Medical Examiner in my hometown and I got the opportunity to remove a human brain during the autopsy!

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