Honors Ambassadors are Honors students drawn from all the schools and colleges who represent the Honors Program at their home college/school events such as admissions/recruitment Open Houses. This team acts as a resource for prospective students and their families through sharing about their experiences pursuing their degree program while participating in the Honors program. In addition, they assist in hosting Honors events such as Thesis Presentation days, Annual Research fairs, Honors Welcome dinners, etc.

Picture of Sky Andrews
Sky Andrews
Hometown: Northampton, MA
College of Arts & Sciences

Sky: I am a Psychology and Neuroscience major and on the pre-med track. I am also a Dean’s Team e-board member in the College of Arts & Sciences, a member of Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity and the Red Cross club. My career goal is to go to medical school and become a neurologist. The honors program has helped me become a more well-rounded individual. The professors and faculty in the honors program have helped me push myself further in academia and in my personal goals. I am constantly surrounded by inquisitive and determined students which empowers me to do the same. I love spending my free time outdoors! Hiking, running, and camping are some of my favorite things to do in the summer.

Picture of Claire Bandet

Claire Bandet
Home town: Palo Alto, CA
College of Arts & Sciences

Claire: I am a sophomore majoring in Biology, and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy in the College of Arts and Sciences. On campus I do research in the greenhouse, and I play for the women’s club volleyball team. After I graduate, I plan to get my PhD and become a research scientist. My favorite part of being in Honors is all the unique, fun classes I get to take, and the wonderful people I get to take them with. A fun fact about me: I have been sky diving!

Picture of Ruqaiyah Bandukwala
Ruqaiyah Bandukwala
Hometown: Monmouth Junction, NJ
School of Architecture

Ruqaiyah is a first year student in the School of Architecture. She is a member of Women in Design, Peer Advising on campus, and the spring ski program. As an architecture student, she plans to complete the five year program and work on urban development in different cities around the world. The honors program has greatly helped her branch outside her own major, providing a variety of interesting classes, activities, and programs that have enhanced her experience at SU. Outside of class, she loves to draw, play intramural sports, and go to Syracuse basketball games.

Picture of Kyra Birenbaum
Kyra Birenbaum
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Falk College/Maxwell School

Kyra is a double major in Human Development and Family Science in Falk College, and Citizenship and Civic Engagement in Maxwell School. On-campus, she is an Honors Ambassador, Falk Ambassador, and is on the Executive Board for The Women’s Network Club. Her goal is to participate in research on both the education system and in the Human Development field. What she loves most about being in Honors is the abundance of resources available for Honors students and the supportive community between the faculty and other students. A fun fact about Kyra is that she is a die-hard New York Knicks fan.

Picture of Sarah Bragg
Sarah Bragg
Hometown: Medfield, MA
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Sarah: I am a Policy Studies major with a Data Analytics minor. I work in the Honors office and I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Ski Team, NYPIRG (New York Public Interest Research Group) and Oxfam. My goal is to find a career I love! (Maybe solve economic inequality while I’m at it?). What I love about Honors are the small class sizes, extra support from teachers/counselors, more opportunities and access to Honors lounge. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister. I also love running and listening to Bob Dylan.

Picture of Mallory Carlson
Mallory Carlson
Hometown: Olney, MD
Whitman School/Newhouse

Mallory: I’m in the Whitman School of Management and the Newhouse School of Public Communications, and my majors are marketing management and magazine journalism. On campus, I am a finance committee member for The Women’s Network, and I’m also a digital content team member for Whitman. As for my professional goals, I plan on completing at least one internship before I graduate, and after college I hope to move to New York City and work there. I love being in Honors because it allows me so many opportunities to learn and be involved in a way that a traditional on-campus experience doesn’t necessarily allow. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, or taking a fitness class at the Barnes Center!

Picture of Gretchen Coleman
Gretchen Coleman
Hometown: Palatine, IL
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Gretchen: I’m a sophomore political science major and excited to be an Honors Ambassador! I’m a member of the College Democrats on campus and am currently interning for the state senator in Syracuse, Senator Rachel May. While I’m still trying to narrow down my specific career path, I would love to either work in government or influence it from the outside. I love being in Honors because my Honors classes have been some of my favorite and most rewarding courses that I’ve taken at SU. A fun fact about me is that I’m a trained historical interpreter – back home I give tours of a historic farm in period costume!

Picture of Emily Diamond
Emily Diamond
Hometown: Boston, MA
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Emily: I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a focus in Law and Courts on the Pre-law Track. My educational goals are to go to law school in the Boston area after I graduate from SU, and to eventually practice either Family Law or Civil Rights Law. On campus, I am actively involved in Hillel, Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. What I love most about being in Honors at SU is that I have the opportunity to push myself academically and get to take more challenging classes that expand my knowledge of the world and the places around me. A fun fact about me is that I worked as a camp counselor and lifeguard for the past three summers! For fun, I like to exercise and hang out with friends!

Picture of Linzy Dineen
Linzy Dineen
Hometown: Hudson Valley, NY
College of Arts & Sciences

Linzy is a current junior studying Forensic Science, Biology, and Psychology on the pre-law track. Linzy intends to continue to law school after graduation and pursue a career in criminal law and policy. On-campus, she is a member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, the College of Arts and Sciences Deans Team, and OttoTHON. Linzy also serves as a Resident Advisor and is a Research Assistant in the Bioforensics Lab. She loves that the Honors Program offers unique opportunities that she otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to, from smaller class sizes, immersion experiences, and community service initiatives. For fun, Linzy loves to travel, spend time with friends, go for a run or to the gym, and play piano.

Picture of Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards
Hometown: Ketchikan, AK
College of Engineering & Computer Science

Cameron: I am a junior majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in food studies. I have worked as a research assistant in a soils biogeochemistry lab since fall of freshman year and I am also a member of Engineering Excellerators, a group that helps in the admissions office in the College of Engineering & Computer Science. I have also participated in intramural sports, such as soccer and dodge ball. My current professional goal is to work in the public sector as a soil science or geotechnical engineer, with a plan to return to graduate school for a master’s degree after a few years of work experience. What I love most about Honors is the Honors seminars, which are often classes that the professors are passionate about teaching and provide small class sizes to learn the material. In my spare time I often go to the Orange After Dark events, cook or bake.

Picture of Bridget Essing
Bridget Essing
Hometown: Trumbull, CT
College of Arts & Sciences

My name is Bridget and I am a sophomore majoring in Forensic Science, Biology with a minor in Arabic. On campus I am a member of the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honors Society, I volunteer with the Conversation Partner Language program and I am on the Honors Advisory Board. I am also an avid participant in club sports, as I play on the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team and I am the Director of Operations for the Men’s Ice Hockey Team on campus. The best part about the Honors program is the Honors seminars. These classes give students more face time with the accomplished professors that teach university courses and allow students in the class and professors to get to know each other on a more personal level. These courses are also very interesting and branch outside of normal university subject material. A fun fact about me is that I went skydiving for the first time this past summer!

Picture of Jeffrey Estes

Jeffrey Estes
Hometown: Carlisle, PA
Whitman School/School of Information Studies

Jeffrey: Hi! I am a sophomore with majors in Supply Chain Management, Public Policy, and Data Analytics, and a cadet in the Army ROTC. I am involved in the Rotaract Club of SU and played rugby this past fall. I hope to pursue a career in transportation policy following my time as an officer in the Army. I love Honors because the classes are much smaller and more personal, and as someone who learns through discussion and hands-on learning, this is made possible in the classes of 10-15 people. Fun fact: I have my pilot’s license!

Picture of Mary Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald
Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ
School of Education

Mary: I’m a freshman inclusive elementary and special education major with a planned minor in Italian. On campus, other than being an honors ambassador, I am a tour guide in University 100. I also am a peer partner for InclusiveU, a program dedicated to giving students with intellectual and developmental disabilities a chance to get on campus and take classes towards a degree or certification. I am a part of campus cursive, an organization whose goal is to spread positivity and love to those who need it around campus. I’ve volunteered through Hendrick’s Chapel as well as having participated on an intramural soccer team. My goals for the future include hopefully teaching in an inclusive classroom in NYC, maybe one day becoming a principal and implementing inclusion or going into education policy and reform. What I love most about honors is both the interesting and fun classes we get to take, as well as the opportunity to get to know people outside of my major across all of the schools and colleges. All honors students are dedicated and each person brings a unique perspective to classes which I always look forward to hearing in classes. In my free time I love to do puzzles, read and hang out with my friends. A fun fact about me is that I’ve never broken a bone!

Picture of Evan Greenberg
Evan Greenberg
Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Evan: I’m a freshman double major in Political Science and Citizenship & Civic Engagement in the Maxwell School. I am planning on attending Law School after graduating. On-campus, I’m a member of the Honors Advisory Board, College Democrats, Students Demand Action, and Z89. The best part about being in the Honors program are the classes that are available for honors students. It is great to be able to take a lecture class in a smaller setting or have the professor of the course lead the recitation. There are also specific honors courses that are available that cover interesting topics which are great to take. A fun fact about me is that I started an annual charity event called Evan and Joshua’s Hot Cocoa Stand that benefits the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In the 14 years of the Hot Cocoa Stand, we have raised close to $60,000 in total for PCF.

Picture of Alex Guo
Alex Guo
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Falk College

My name is Alex Guo, and I am a freshman Sport Management Major in Falk College. I am a member of the Sport Management Club, Sport Sales Club, and the Syracuse Sport Business Conference. I am also a part of multiple organizations outside of my major including the Syracuse Club Sailing Team, TAMID, and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity. I hope to graduate form Syracuse in four years with a degree in Sport Management with an emphasis in sales and marketing. One day, I hope to be a director or general manager for a sports team or agency. I absolutely love the honors program because I can take electives that interest me outside of my major. It’s important to me that I can explore different topics and possibly pick up a hobby. Lastly, a fun fact about me would be that I love to listen to music on vinyl. My aunt has a collection and over the past few years, I’ve been helping her collect and fell in love with older music on turntables.

Picture of Katie Hageman
Katie Hageman
Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Whitman School/Newhouse

Katie: My name is Katie Hageman and I am a sophomore dual major in marketing and television, radio & film, with a minor in English. The Honors program has allowed me to take several unique classes that enhance my understanding of the greater Syracuse community, such as Challenges of Zoo Management and The Natural History of Onondaga County. On campus I am an editor for 360 Magazine, a member of CitrusTV’s “College Eats” channel, and a member of Enactus. Upon graduation I hope to work in post-production for a film or TV company. In my free time I love to be outdoors and explore new places.

Picture of Mohamed Khan
Mohamed Khan
Hometown: Babylon, NY
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Mohamed: I am a junior majoring in history and public affairs with a minor in public health. I am on the pre-med track and involved in Camp Kesem and SU Literacy Corps. I am also a NYS Certified EMT in Suffolk County and a hospital scribe in New York City. Currently, I am doing research in the Fondy Lab studying the sonication of Leukemia cells in humans and in mice. Academically speaking, I am planning to pursue an MPH/MHA and then go on to medical school. Careerwise, I hope to be a pediatrician or medical examiner one day. Although I like everything about honors, what I love most about is Butters. Like the adage goes, “It’s not honors without Butters”. The advising is extremely helpful and I wouldn’t be as involved on campus without honors. They led me to everything I am now. For fun, I like basketball and I love watching March Madness. Other times, I like hanging out with my friends over the weekend and just chilling or even watching Hulu and listening to Spotify.

Picture of Lauren Mack
Lauren Mack
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
College of Engineering & Computer Science

Lauren: I’m a junior studying Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science as well as pursuing a minor in Theater. My dream job would be to work at Disney as an Imagineer. I’m involved in Engineering Excelerators, the Catholic Center, and I’m a brother of the National Honor Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi. I also enjoy participating in  intramural volleyball and wear my “intramural champion” shirt proudly. My favorite things about being in Honors are the great honors seminars offered and the opportunity to interact and take classes with people outside of my home college.

Picture of Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Justin: I am a junior majoring in International Relations and Russian Language, Literature, and Culture, as well as History and Political Science! I was born in Seattle (which I love dearly) but I live in Connecticut. I’m a senior e-board member of The John Quincy Adams Society, the International Relations Club, and the Model United Nations Club. While I don’t have a clear plan in mind just yet, I want to go to graduate school and enter politics and academia. I love being in Honors because I enjoy being around other students who love learning – being around them makes me want to be a better learner. I enjoy hanging out with friends, exercising, and learning about politics, history, and the environment. A fun fact about me: I’ve been doing Kung Fu since I was 6 years old and I’m currently a 2nd-degree black belt!

Picture of Lindy Melegari

Lindy Melegari
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
College of Engineering & Computer Science

Lindy is a sophomore biomedical engineering major on the pre-health track. She is involved in campus research in the Doyle lab focusing on the drug development for the treatment of type two diabetes and obesity, She is also involved extensively on campus in organizations such as First Year Players, Engineering Excelerators, Ottothon, Engineering Ambassadors, an Honors Peer Mentor, and Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity. Off campus, Lindy shadows medical residents at Upstate Pediatric and Adolescence Center to hopefully get a glimpse at her future career in pediatric medicine. The thing she enjoys most about honors is the connections I have gained with the honors faculty and staff. It has offered her friendships with diverse individuals from all across majors. A fun fact about Lindy is that she auditioned for The Voice when she was sixteen!

Picture of Simran Mirchandani
Simran Mirchandani
Hometown: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
College of Arts & Sciences

Simran: I am a junior studying Biochemistry, Economics, and Spanish Language, Literature & Culture. I am part of the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Team, an honors peer mentor, a global ambassador for SU Abroad, and a first-year experience peer facilitator. Additionally, I volunteer at Crouse Hospital, do research in the Raina Laboratory (a plant molecular biology lab), and am part of the Rebecca Lee Pre-Health Society. I am on the pre-med track and I hope to go into pediatrics. A fun fact about me is that I have traveled to 15 different countries! My favorite part of being in honors has to be the amazing honors classes and the honors learning community (Sadler Hall) both of which have led me to finding some of my closest friends. Honors made my transition from a small island community to SU extremely easy with their additional support and guidance. Honors has allowed me to find a small family within the larger SU community.

Picture of Cheyene Muenzel
Cheyene Muenzel
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
College of Arts & Sciences

Cheyene: Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in Forensic Science and Chemistry on the Pre-Health track. I am involved in computational forensic pathology research in the FNSSI. I am also an SU Literacy Corps Tutor, an Honors Peer Mentor, and a respite care volunteer with the VA Hospital. When I’m not busy, I love to watch movies, go ice-skating, and go to concerts! After college, I hope to attend medical school and become a forensic medical examiner. The Honors program created an environment that challenges me to put forth my best work. The support offered by the Honors advising has been instrumental in helping me attain my educational and research goals.

Picture of Kylie Nikolaus
Kylie Nikolaus
Hometown: Wrightsville, PA
College of Engineering & Computer Science

Kylie: I am a junior electrical engineering major from Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. On campus, I am the Director of Finance and Fundraising for OttoTHON, Syracuse University’s Dance Marathon that fundraises money for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. I am also the President of the Honors Advisory Board, that works to improve the Honors Program with targeted programming efforts. I am also a Resident Advisor in the Honors Learning Community. Honors has given me opportunities to take classes in interesting subject matter that I would not otherwise been able to learn. In my free time, I like to knit and crochet.

Picture of Caitlyn Pritchard
Caitlyn Pritchard
Hometown: San Diego, CA
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Caitlyn: Hi, I am a triple major in Biology, Forensic Science and Policy Studies, and on the pre-health track. My goal is to earn my MD and go into forensic pathology, ideally with the FBI. I am a member of the Dean’s Team in the College of Arts and Sciences and a member of Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club. I am also a Teaching Assistant for PST 101, where my role is the Head Regrade Director. There are so many perks to being in Honors, my favorite being the variety of courses that are offered. Another perk of being in Honors is early selection of courses and the ability to take over 19 credits each semester. Early selection makes it easier for me to have the courses I need and, as a triple major, I might need to take over 19 credits at a time to ensure I graduate on time. I enjoy baking and cooking for fun and love to bake for my friends’ birthdays. A fun fact about me is, the summer after junior year, I rode a horse named Thor up the side of Red Mountain at Mammoth Lakes in California.

Picture of Kianna Shakir
Kianna Shakir
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA
College of Arts & Sciences

Kianna: I’m a sophomore double majoring in history and English (creative writing), with a minor in marketing. I’m a WellsLink Scholar and have been involved with the Office of Multicultural Affairs since my freshman year. I’m also a sister of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. I hope to find a career where I can combine my love for history and creative writing. My goal is to publish middle-grade novels centered on U.S. history, culture, and folklore that features underrepresented characters. I am thankful to be in the Honors Program and have the option of taking interesting and impactful classes. The staff and community have always been welcoming and truly want the best for their students. In my free time, I enjoy trying different food places in Syracuse with my friends, watching sports, and reading.

Picture of Emily Steinberger

Emily Steinberger
Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Emily: Hi! I am a freshman studying photography with a concentration in photojournalism. I am a design editor and photographer for The Daily Orange, SU’s newspaper, and a member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). Additionally, I play clarinet in SU’s pep band and a member of the Sour Sitrus Society. After graduating from SU, I hope to become a photojournalist and work for a major magazine, and my dream job is to be a photojournalist at National Geographic. One of my favorite perks of being in the Honors program is the option to take small, discussion-based classes where I can better engage with the class material, which really caters to my learning style. A fun fact about me is that I am an avid coin collector!

Picture of Chi Chi Tong
Chi Chi (Zhuoqi) Tong
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
College of Arts & Sciences/College of Engineering & Computer Science

Hi! I go by Chi Chi and I am originally from China. I am currently a sophomore studying Bioengineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. Besides taking classes, I’m also part of Math Club, Engineering World Health, and am an AEW Facilitator for the College of ECS. I also play in the SU Symphony Orchestra! After graduating from SU, I plan on going to graduate school for a PhD in biomedical engineering, and my career goal is professorship. Being in Honors, I love meeting other people who share similar aspirations and love of learning as me. When I have free time, I enjoy going out to parks when the weather is nice, otherwise I enjoy watching movies.

Picture of Hailey Williams
Hailey Williams
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
College of Arts & Sciences

Hailey Williams is a sophomore studying Political Philosophy. On campus, she is a part of the Advocacy Committee of Student African-American Society and the Editor’s Team for Femme Noir Magazine. Her career and educational goals include attending law school and becoming a human-rights lawyer after graduating from SU. What Hailey loves most about being in Honors is the faculty involved in the program as well as the diversity of Honors classes available to Honors students. For fun, Hailey enjoys watching/playing basketball and movie marathons.

Picture of Ava Breitbeck
Ava Breitbeck
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
College of Arts & Sciences

Ava is a junior double majoring in physics and political science. She is involved in several organizations on campus including University 100 and is an executive board member of the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Team. She also has several jobs on-campus which include working as an office assistant at the Center for Learning and Student Success and as a tour guide! She is also a CRLA certified tutor in physics and calculus. She loves that the honors program is interdisciplinary in nature and allows her to combine her interests into a unique field of study. She is currently doing research for her honors thesis, which will focus on government disinformation campaigns surrounding nuclear disasters. She hopes to get a masters degree and work in STEM. When she is not studying or working, you can find her reading or watching Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, walking around campus with friends, and most definitely cheering on the Orange. Go ‘Cuse!

Picture of Pamela Flores
Pamela Flores
Hometown: Lima, Peru
College of Arts & Sciences/Maxwell School

Pamela: I am a rising senior majoring in International Relations, with a minor in Writing. I am part of the Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I have been involved in student organizations such as FADS and La Lucha and plan to join the Real Estate Club at SU in Fall 2020. I joined the Honors program because it offers unique opportunities for students as well as a smaller community to interact with. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Switzerland to attend the CO3 Minamata Convention with my Honors class. I would definitely recommend to be on the look for unique experiences like this during your time in the honor program.

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