Earn civic engagement hours as you learn! Workshop will be held Friday, March 6th from 1-4pm, location TBD

Despite decades of globalization and multiculturalism, misconceptions about those deemed “culturally different” prevail, often leading to​ conflict. Yet, cross-cultural interactions are ubiquitous, making the need for positive and effective communication more pressing than ever.​ 

But, how do we get there? This workshop will help you develop skills to​ foster better communication across cultural differences. It will provide​ you with an opportunity to reflect about the meaning of “culture,” a word​ often invoked but little understood, and its role in shaping our perceptions​ and interactions.​

Building on anthropological notions, real world examples, and practical​ exercises, the workshop will promote an understanding of cultural​ differences as rich elements of the human experience rather than barriers that divide us. These reflections will be the foundation for concrete​ practices of communication that are respectful of differences, and useful​ for finding common ground to achieve mutually satisfactory goals.

The workshop is FREE and open to all, but please register in advance. To register please fill out this form.

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