Dr. James Dunford (Syracuse University, 1972, Chemistry) stopped by Bowne Hall for a surprise visit this week. He was among the first students enrolled in the Honors Program. Dr. Dunford shared how important his Honors experience was critical in preparing him for his career in emergency medicine, which began with medical school at Columbia University, and led him to the faculty of UC San Diego School of Medicine.  We also heard tales of Honors housing and campus political action in the late ’60s.  He remembers the rigor of completing his Honors Thesis and was impressed with the research and creative work of current Honors students. We promised to send him a copy of his thesis!

Alums, if you are on campus, please do pop in and say hello!

Danielle Smith, Jim Dunford, Kate Hanson

Honors Program Director Danielle Smith, Dr. James Dunford, and Honors Deputy Director Kate Hanson

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