woods-hole-oceanographic-institution-logoFrom the Ship’s Deck

Students in HNR 250, “The Science of Shipwrecks,” look at shipwrecks from many time periods—from ancient sites to the 21st century. Through this study students will gain mastery of some of the scientific fundamentals of ocean processes and evolving ocean technology.

The course includes a field trip to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a major Atlantic oceanographic research center. Prof. Newton believes one can only do so much with lecture or seminar. Standing on the deck of a ship makes one think differently. Thus, the field trip is the central experience of the course as it allows students to experience oceanography as an oceanographer does.

Prof. Cathryn R. Newton is a Professor of Earth Sciences and Dean Emerita. She is currently the university’s only Professor of Interdisciplinary Sciences, which recognizes the broad scope of her scientific work as transcending the boundaries of any one discipline. Her research interests include modern and ancient seas, including deep sea corals. Her new project combines her interest in paleontology and shipwrecks, viewing shipwrecks on the ocean floors as fossils and exploring new questions that transform our understanding of many aspects of science and cultural history.
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