Honors Footnote: Capstone Hip Hop Ballet – RSVP now!

Come and see Honors senior Cheech Manohar’s sold-out hip hop ballet!

SU Drama’s newest Dance/Theatre Collective wordPLAY presents the world premiere of LE DIABLE AMOUREUX, a modern twist on a classic tale. Le Diable Amoureux is Cheech’s Honors Capstone project.

Told entirely through hip-hop dancing, this dramatic ballet follows the story of the very Devil herself, as she falls in love with a Captain on earth, tragically betrothed to another. How far will she go to steal his heart? Stay tuned as the evil ensues…

Le Diable Amoureux

Sunday, September 25, 8-9 pm (meet at 7:15 PM)

The Loft Theater at Syracuse Stage

Meet in front of Bowne Hall at 7:15 PM; the group will walk over to the Syracuse Stage together

RSVP here   space is limited; first-come, first-served


Poster for Le Diable Amoureux (two hands holding a rose)




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