Join Lisa Radding for a conversation about how your Honors experience can prepare you for an exciting career path. Lisa is the Director of Research and Product Development at Ethnic Technologies in South Hackensack, NJ. While studying linguistics and geography at Syracuse, Lisa tailored her academic experience to an interest in onomastics, the study of names. Her research culminated in a cross disciplinary capstone exploring the linguistic nature of a name through a toponymic case study. Lisa believes that the Honors Program’s interdisciplinary emphasis prepared her for a career in applied linguistics at Ethnic Technologies, the leading provider of multicultural marketing data, ethnic identification software, and ethnic data appending services. Over the last seven years, Lisa has become a multicultural marketing expert, facilitating panels at the Direct Marketing Annual Conference and presenting about onomastics and marketing both nationally and internationally.

Friday, Nov. 13th – 1:30-2:30 PM

306 Bowne Hall

Lisa Radding

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