London skylineWanted: Students to participate in an international publishing and archive project.

Where: London, England.

 When: Summer 2015

How: WRT 301/SU Study Abroad


Spend four weeks this summer gaining experience that will support a career in publishing, library studies, and community literacy. Working with London Metropolitan University and Syracuse University scholars, you will have the opportunity to help create and organize a transnational digital archive featuring over 30 years of self-published working-class writing – writing which speaks to issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. In the process, you will help to develop publications that will discuss the scholarly nature and importance of this collection to not only scholars, but the general public as well.

Beyond the practical skills learned, students will also explore London through its rich network of writing groups and publishers – visiting the locations discussed in the books, meeting local writers, and learning about different publishing strategies deployed by community presses. In this sense, students will become enmeshed in the community print culture of London, developing a network from which to learn and participate in even after the course is concluded.

NOTE: Upon completion of the course, students can apply to be Publishing Fellows at New City Community Press, where they can to continue to work on this project while at Syracuse University.


For more details, contact Jess Pauszek or Steve Parks

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