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Andrew Catauro ’06 and Shannon (Grotzinger) Catauro ’07

Andrew Catauro ’06 and Shannon (Grotzinger) Catauro ’07

Meet Andrew Catauro ’06 (TRF/ITA) and Shannon (Grotzinger) Catauro ’07 (MAG/SOC) . Andrew and Shannon met in the Honors Program on their first day of class for PHI 107, completed what was then “General Honors”, and went on to get married!  Andrew works on the acclaimed documentary POV for PBS and Shannon provides social services to homeless men in NYC. They stopped by the Honors Suite before the semester began and asked if we’d take their picture in 304C.   They even remembered where they used to sit!

These are certainly the kinds of stories we love to hear from our alumni. Remember that if you have any interesting stories like this one, to let us know so we can share them!

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