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The Culture and politics of reconciliation in central europeCalled “The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation in Central Europe”, this is an opportunity for students to study the challenges of reconciliation in places in Europe that have experienced dramatic upheavals and tragic events – as they travel from Strasbourg (a symbol of post WWII reconciliation and united Europe), to Dresden and Berlin (the struggle to remember and represent the tragedy of the Holocaust), to Auschwitz/Birkenau (the former Nazi concentration camp), and to Wroclaw, Poland (formerly Breslau, Germany), where students will build on the  ideas of memory, conflict, and reconciliation inscribed in this city’s streets, cemeteries, monuments, and buildings. Using action research, students will work together to produce self-guided tour brochures that offer a deeper view of the city and its complex history.

This summer course is part of SU Abroad’s developing study abroad opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of other parts of the world as they work together to understand and address urgent issues.

Remember that off campus study helps you fulfill the Global Awareness requirement, and you can use it to count as one Honors course in your ‘Breadth’ requirement. Read all the details about The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation in Central Europe (ANT/GE0/HUM/SOC 470/670) here.

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