Hi Honors community,

We have noticed changes in Facebook that impact the frequency of our posts.  Basically, Facebook made it impossible for us to reach  each person who ‘likes’ our page unless we pay them extra money to “promote” a post.  We think this is terrible, because here in Honors we would rather devote our resources to supporting and promoting our students, not to paying Facebook to reach you.

In response to complaints from non-profit organizations, Facebook developed a welcome feature to help overcome this without cluttering up your news feed.  Here’s how you can be alerted any time we post something to our page:

(1) Head over to our Facebook page (facebook.com/rcuhp)

(2) Hover (don’t click) over the “Liked” button on the right (just under our cover picture)

(3) Select “Get Notifications” to just be notified when there is a post from us.

(4) OR Select “Show in News Feed” to make sure our posts show up in your feed.

screenshot of facebook like page

We send out a lot of good and useful information, some of it very important, and we don’t want you to miss it!

Of course, to avoid these problems altogether, you can join us on Facebook @SUHonors where our tweets will never hide from you!


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