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With “Capstone Turn-in” one week away, I want to remind you that we’ll need two hard copies and one e-copy on CD or flash drive, in WORD.  (Creative projects like magazines, screenplays, and architectural drawings can be in specialized software.)  You’ll get your flash drive right back.  Turn-In Day is also when you’ll receive your timeslot for Presentation Day; we’ll accommodate any academic conflicts you have on Presentation Day.  The turn-in process takes about 15 minutes per student, although you may have to wait your turn.  Come early if you can!


Please pay special attention to the signed Title Page!  Nothing — well, almost nothing — is more frustrating than coming in to turn in and finding you haven’t followed the proper format and you have to reprint the page and get those signatures again.


If, heaven forefend, you are running late and need an extension, you still must come in ON TURN-IN Day – before noon — to request one!  (Remember, only projects turned in on time qualify for prizes.)  We grant reasonable requests, but we still need to do some business with you on that day, so you need to come in person – with your title and abstract on a CD or flash drive.  We’ll take care of you.  Please come as early as possible, but no later than noon for extensions.  The earlier you come, the less of a wait you’ll have.  If you have classes all morning, let me know, and we’ll work that out.


In the meantime, keep working!


Check out the Capstone Interactive Orange   for the details about what you need to hand in, and use our Template so you have the right format (it’s on the Capstone page).  Let us know if you have questions.  See you next week!

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