Abdalla Shamil

Through the Honors Abroad Grant, I was able to participate in the Discovery Madrid program. This was very valuable both academically and in the networking context. I was able to get an internship in my field of study, biochemistry. I also met professors, people, and friends that have helped me get opportunities to become a global ambassador as well as be involved in diversity and equity work. It was a good experience, especially in my first semester of college. I was able to improve my language skills as well and become much more open-minded to different cultures and traditions.

I was surprised that my host family did not speak any English, but I was glad that that was the case in the end. I was able to be really immersed in the culture and the language and learn about Spain and its people. I was able to create a strong connection with them, and they taught me a lot about myself. I didn’t know about the internships and traveling opportunities that were offered by the Discovery Madrid program, and it was definitely something that helped me be involved and network while I was abroad.

I was recently accepted as a Global Ambassador, for which I was nominated by the Madrid Center. I will also be continuing my work with the Diversity and Equity Steering Committee on campus. I also hope to do another internship over the summer that will help me grow in my field.

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