Honors Senior Presents Research at GRS

Joel Rempillo (AS, ’18) was Jeol Rempillo with Posterrecently selected to present his research at the Gordon Research Seminar in Ventura, CA.  The GRS provides a platform for young scientists to hear novel research and take part in a dynamic scientific community. The breadth of the bioinorganic chemistry field creates a collaborative environment for scientists from a variety of fields that are united by an interest in biology and inorganic chemistry.

Joel took some time to reflect on his experience upon his return to campus:

Honestly, I was quite anxious to give a talk at the GRS, where I was the only undergrad student in a science field that I am still learning. It was an intimidating crowd, but the overall purpose of the seminar is to share knowledge with other graduate students and post-docs from different universities, biotech companies, and even national labs!

So, I staged my poster and introduced myself to others and talked about research. I have very little knowledge about bioinorganic chemistry, but after this seminar, I learned a lot and find it very interesting. I appreciate the attendees who taught me so many things that could help me with graduate school and my research interests.

My first day was a little stressful due to the long flight, and of course, knowing that my talk is tomorrow morning! To me, practice makes perfect, but it also requires passion towards your project to deliver it in a more meaningful way. I received a few questions during the discussion portion following my talk, but I was glad that I provided clear answers. In fact, a few people became interested in my work that we spent time talking about it during dinner.

Of course, I thank John Nicoludis (Harvard) who gave me this opportunity. Overall, my experience at the GRS was one of the highlights of my undergrad career. And I am confident that graduate school is definitely for me.

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