Spring break affords us a small, refreshing breath in the middle of a marathon semester. While our pursuits are numerous and it feels as though we barely had a break, we might find some rest or some change over this way-too-short week. Coming back is difficult–we know that March and April will fly by at lightning speed, chock full of projects, papers, deadlines, and the enduring weight of having to prove our knowledge. The Honors Program furnishes a host of support mechanisms for coping with the stress of this time, including your Honors Writing Consultant. Come in and talk with Emily. She is here to listen as you describe your projects. She can help you prioritize work, sort out topic choices, determine direction in your research or writing, and interpret assignments. Soliciting her professional support will give you confidence as you face the upcoming onslaught of work, knowing you’ve got it all under control.

Emily Luther, the Honors Writing Consultant, can be reached via email any time for an appointment: eluther@syr.edu or booked here: https://honors.syr.edu/my-honors/advising-center/writing-help/

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