Nancy Wright

Writing Issues? Honors can help!

Did you know that the Honors Program has our own professional writing consultant who can help you with all aspects of your writing? Meet Nancy Wright, an instructor and consultant in the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition.  Nancy has been working with writers at SU for over 15 years.  She is passionate about working with student writers and can help with all facets of the writing process, as well as different writing situations.

From brainstorming and organizing ideas to producing a polished draft, Nancy is here to help.  She can assist you with any writing, such as short assignments, essays, scholarship/grad school applications, and especially your Capstone Project. Nancy is a skilled editor and teacher. She will help you to produce a stronger paper and become a better writer. She will be setting up regular office hours in the Honors suite for fall semester, and we'll post those here. Also feel free to email her at

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