Boren Awards Workshop with Program Officer Craig Frederickson

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The Center for Fellowship & Scholarship Advising (CFSA) is excited to welcome Craig Frederickson, a Boren Program Officer with the Institute of International Education (IIE), who will give a workshop for students on creating competitive applications for Boren Scholarships & Fellowships. Boren offers generous funding for the study of critical need languages in countries of interest…

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What’s an Honors Course Substitution?!

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Do you have a vague memory of hearing about an Honors course thingie from some speaker who came into your HNR 100 class? What was that about again….. Just ask Annemarie Menna (AS 15). Annemarie studied in Spain in spring 2014 and elected to complete the Honors Course Substitution. Annemarie’s work, featured in her blog,…

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