Alexis PenaAlexis Pena (EC ’16) attended the National Biomedical and Behavioral Research Conference and was one of 17 students who received awards for engineering, physics, and mathematics research presented at the 2014 conference, held November 12-15 in San Antonio, Texas.

ABRCMS, one of the largest professional conferences of its kind in the nation, is designed to encourage underrepresented minority students and students with disabilities to pursue advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, including STEM disciplines.

All undergraduate and postbaccalaureate presentations were evaluated by active-researcher scientists, and the students with the highest scores in each scientific discipline and for each educational level received monetary awards.

Throughout her undergraduate career, Alexis has had the opportunity to work at the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute and within the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering where she has gotten a taste of various aspects and areas of research, from tissue engineering, cell culture to developing graphical user interfaces for cell tracking and running molecular dynamic simulations to model novel proteins. Alexis feels that “being at the cutting edge of science drives me to go deeper and further into research.”


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