In 2009, Erin Mulvehill completed her Capstone entitled, The World Through Young Eyes: A Photo/Essay Exploration of How Children Perceive Their Environment in the Modern Day.

Now five years later, her work is featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan and it’s getting a lot of attention. A recent Adweek article by Tim Nudd had this to say about the cover and the issues behind its creation:

Cosmopolitan cover

“In 2004, a 17-year-old British-Pakistani woman named Shafilea Ahmed was suffocated and murdered by her parents, in front of her siblings, after she refused an arranged marriage.

Her death is referenced clearly and heartbreakingly on limited-edition covers of the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.K. to raise awareness about so-called honor killings—in which a person is murdered by a family member for bringing what the killer believes is shame upon the family.

Leo Burnett Change, Leo Burnett’s specialist arm dedicated to social change, designed the cover, which features a plastic wraparound encasing an image of a woman appearing to be suffocated. It’s part of a campaign for Karma Nirvana, the U.K. charity that helps victims of honor-based violence.”

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