How far might your Capstone travel into the world, you wonder? All the way to iTunes!

Yuki Mizuma’s (PC ’14) Capstone, Forward, Together, is available as an iBook through iTunes. The download is free and the pictures are amazing.

ForwardTogether p.12Forward, Together uses photographs, informational text and captions to depict the lives of two refugees in Syracuse that have bonded with others to create communities that promote education and togetherness to reach for a better future. Osman Ramadhani and Kiza Useni have added to the community in different ways. Osman is an active member of the Wazigua Community Organization of CNY, where he tutors students every Monday-Friday after school at the Southwest Community Center. He believes that education is most important and strives to promote learning in the community. Kiza Useni is a member of Hopeprint, which is an organization that helps to empower refugees by teaching them how to do things instead of doing things for them. Kiza’s strong presence in the Hopeprint and the Congolese community make her home rarely empty, as friends and others often come to pay her a visit.

Yuki’s Capstone is a stunning combination of civic engagement, global awareness, professional prowess and creativity. Please go check it out and spread the word!ForwardTogether p.32



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