As a communications student with a special passion for writing and production management, Alison Joy (AS/PC ’14) has created a Capstone which will give her professional experience using both these specialties. Alison is creating a screenplay—a dramedy set in New York City. Once the screenplay is complete, Alison is creating a production plan including shooting schedule, budget, and packaging using Movie Magic, the software that the Crown Wise Award money allowed her to purchase). Here’s the pitch: The movie “revolves around two main characters. The protagonist, Daisy, is a high-powered executive at Success Magazine who loses both her coveted position and fancy-pants fiancée in the same day. Professionally disgraced and financially stunted, she moves to a dingy apartment building in Alphabet City. There, she meets a cast of colorful characters, primarily an eccentric older woman named Alice who becomes a steady presence in her life as she tries to rebuild it. Forced to challenge her notions of success and re-evaluate the direction of her life, Daisy is born anew through this revitalizing and unlikely friendship. But things take a turn for the worse when Alice’s health is threatened and Daisy’s newfound inspiration and stability is shaken.” We would turn it on weekly; would you?

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