Hi Honors Capstone students! One of the most rewarding aspect of being a part of the Honors community is seeing your Capstone projects develop into some truly amazing works! We also realize that it can be difficult doing a project of this size and scope all by yourself. So we’d like to help you learn from one another, support one another, and discover resources other students are using for their projects. Every so often we’ll be sharing short profiles of one of your fellow student’s Capstone progress. We’ve collected a few, and there are some valuable tips already coming in, so please enjoy these!

Additionally if we ask you in an advising session to give us a profile, don’t be shy! Sharing your progress and lessons learned may just really help out another student who needs to hear something that YOU have to say!

So without further ado, our first profile is….

Name: Kepei Miao

Prog/ Major: A&S; Economics and Sociology

Year: ‘14

Kepei Miao (AS ’14) is a sociology major, writing her Capstone on changing patterns in the Chinese family emerging in China—increasingly there is a marked shift in the age gap between husbands and wives. In order to secure funding to conduct her research, Kepei applied for the Crown Wise Award. Her cross-cultural project requires that she obtain materials from both American and Chinese sources as well as to conduct interviews with Chinese couples. Funding would allow her to get access to the largest Chinese research database, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), and to travel to China to conduct interviews with Chinese couples who are involved in this type of non-traditional marriage.

Applying for the Crown Wise Award helped Kepei further hone and articulate her project. Kepei’s story is a perfect example of the many lessons Capstone students learn and how each step is inter-connected.

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