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Welcome back for the big year! Time to kick it into high gear on your Capstone Project. This will be a challenging year for you, but the rewards will be great.

To help smooth your path, we’re holding Honors Assemblies for all seniors on:

Tuesday August 27 5:00 Watson Theater, Watson Hall
Wednesday August 28 5:15 Watson Theater, Watson Hall

Attend one of the sessions. We will hand out the new Capstone Guide and discuss what you need to do this year, including info on the new round of Crown-Wise awards. Of course, there will be time for questions. We’ll also introduce you to the new Capstone Website.

In the meantime: make an appointment to meet with your Faculty Capstone Advisor next week to chart your course for this semester! Together you need to set up regularly scheduled meetings (every two weeks or so), and set goals, month-by-month, for what you need to accomplish.

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