emma-alscherHow could I start early?!

As a freshman, the thought of completing a capstone project seemed like a far off concept that Emma Alscher (AS ’16) didn’t have to worry about for years. “However, college flies past you in the blink of an eye so it is never too early to begin planning your project.  Everyone I spoke with gave me the same advice – start your Capstone early! I found only one problem with this otherwise accurate advice; I didn’t know what I wanted to do my Capstone on! How could I start early if I didn’t know what to start? I searched for a long time for a project that I was passionate about and finally I found it. While getting an early start on your Capstone is beneficial, it won’t do you any good if you don’t love what you’re working on. Finding a project that you are interested in and genuinely care about takes time and patience but the search is worthwhile. Choose your project carefully and your passion will shine through in your finished product!”

Emma completed her Capstone, “Using a Combination of TEOAEs and DPOAEs to Better Identify Mild Hearing Loss,” with the help of her advisor, Dr. Beth Prieve.

diagram of human ear

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