Katelyn Edel at Honors ConvocationWe recently heard from Honors alumna, Katelyn Edel (AS ’15), who wrote, “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire Honors program for the Capstone requirement — I’m currently working on my graduate degree in public health, and there is a thesis component. I’m happy to say that my experience with the Capstone has prepared me SO WELL for writing this thesis; I feel comfortable reaching out to professors, working with an advisor, and creating a substantive piece of original work. Maybe for the current seniors struggling along with their Capstone right now — remind them that it is so helpful!”

We love to hear about you and your Capstones after you leave SU and are very gratified and thankful when you can cheer on those following behind you! Congratulations, Katelyn and keep at it seniors!

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