Carolyn Goldstein (VPM ’16) grew up playing the violin, so becoming a Violin Performance major seemed like the natural decision to make when it came time to declare. The requirements of the major seemed familiar. While the class requirements for Honors were also straight forward, there was a big unknown requirement … the Capstone. She could see how Honors classes would work into her B.M. in Violin Performance, but envisioning an entire Capstone project as a second semester freshman scared her. That fear almost kept her from accepting her invitation to Honors.

Two years later Carolyn became a Crown Wise Scholar and had the opportunity to complete field research in Italy for her Capstone! She traveled to Cremona, Milan, and Bologna to study the origins of the violin and the techniques used to create these unique instruments. Now she is enthusiastically working on her Capstone project which will include a recital as well as research which will fulfill the requirements for receiving distinction in her second major, Music History and Cultures.
Carolyn as toddler playing violinCarolyn today plaing violin


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