Sarah Carlson Cassell (VPD ’14) produced and performed in a full-length, two-act musical for her Capstone, “Bat Boy: The Musical”. The show is a high camp, oddball piece which is about exactly what it sounds like – a boy who is part bat. The musical is quirky, but her advice couldn’t be more straight forward.

Your Capstone Project is an opportunity to hold yourself accountable for your work. Your biggest idea may seem daunting, and it may be tempting to take an easier, more manageable route. But the most rewarding path is to do a project that you are passionate about. Don’t be afraid to do a Capstone that seems larger than the other projects you’ve seen; the more risks you take, the better the payoff can be. I say this from the depths of my own experience. You don’t have to have a totally clear vision of your end product at the beginning of your project. In fact, if your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it on day one, you may have missed the point. Challenges to your initial ideas are a blessing – they force your imagination into high gear. Trust yourself and your work.

The Honors Program is full of amazing resources, and they will open doors for you if you are passionate about what you are doing. They will match your enthusiasm and ease your nerves. Apply for Crown-Wise Funding. Ask Eric Holzwarth for help. And above all, make room for an incidentals expense in your budget. You will need it.

Bat Boy play poster

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