Emma Van Wagenberg (MG ’14) was a finance major with a political science minor. She combined her interests in an interdisciplinary Capstone entitled, “The Nature of Lessons Learned from Argentina’s 2001 Financial Crisis”. Her advice to select a topic that plays to your interests and strengths is well worth heeding.

My best advice for future Honors students is to pick a topic that you will be able to maintain an interest in and a curiosity for. This process is very long and, at times, its completion can feel impossible. There is no worse decision to make than to choose a topic that you have limited interest in. Equally important is that you are capable of having a dynamic approach to completing your proposed project. For this paper, for example, I initially excelled in finding readings and conducting research, but struggled in constructing my own views on the subject.

Advice that you will likely hear from every present and past Honors student is to work hard early on, so as to make life a little easier when everything else gets piled on. Manage your time wisely and above all, respect what your adviser has to say!

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