Adriana Gonzalez-VegaJust a little inspiration for those of you working on your Capstone projects!


Recent Honors alumna Adriana Gonzalez-Vega made a film, “Frente Al Mar”, for her Honors Capstone project last year.  When it was shown on presentation day, it was clear that not only did Adriana have some serious talent, but that this particular film would be much more than just her Capstone project.

We heard from Adriana recently (she’s been on the independent film festival circuit!) and here’s all the awards that “Frente al Mar” has won.  The list is quite impressive!


  • WINNER – BEST STUDENT FILM, Carmel Art and Film Festival 2012, CA, USA
  • WINNER – BEST ACTRESS, Cinefiesta 2012, San Juan, PR
  • AWARD OF MERIT -Women Independent Film Festival 2012, Los Angeles, CA
  • Official Selection, Montreal World Film Festival 2012, Canadá
  • Official Selection, Chicago International Social Change Film Festival 2012, USA
  • Official Selection, Boston Latino International Film Festival 2012
  • Official Selection, Puerto Rico International Film Festival (Vieques) 2012
Congratulations Adriana!

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