Honors Van

The Honors Vans are available to transport Faculty members and Honors Student groups students to community service project sites, to take honors students on field trips as part of honors courses and seminars, and to take them to special events such as the Syracuse Symphony, the Syracuse Opera, and more.

Below are the steps for reserving the Honors van(s) as outlined from left to right on the tabs:

  1. Read the Guidelines
  2. View the van schedule to make sure the time and day(s) you want are free.
  3.  If you are not a certified driver, find one for your trip.
  4. Submit your request using the request form.
First: Read the Guidelines

We have two vehicles to choose from,

  • The large van seats 11 people plus a driver; it is parked next to the Sci-Tech building in lot Q4.
  • The minivan seats 6 people (7 using the spare seat) plus a driver; it is located in the "Harrison" lot on the corner of Harrison St. and University Ave.

If you need a van that is wheelchair accessible, the Honors Program can assist you in arranging this. Suburban taxi includes wheelchair accessible vans  http://needacab.com/

If you are an eligible group who wishes to use a van, you must reserve the van at least one week in advance.

You and your group will need to arrange for a driver for the van.  The Honors office can not assist in recruiting drivers for trips, so please be sure that you have arranged for a University certified driver.

Here is how Syracuse University defines certified driver: All drivers MUST  fill out and submit a University Driving Privileges Form, and pass the University's Driver Safety course.  (This is a 2-hour course in the Skytop parking lot. It is offered approximately twice each month.

  • For information on taking that course, contact Brian O'Hara in the Safety Department, at 443-7567; class schedule here.
  • Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to drive the van who has not taken the course.  You will need to provide proof of driver certification when you submit the van request.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Driver's Manual and the Safety Department Vehicle Safety Policy & Guidelines for the Honors Van.
  • We strongly recommend that faculty take the course so you can drive whenever possible.

We do permit university groups that are not associated with the Honors Program to use the van. In these cases, all trips must be within a 25 mile radius of Syracuse. Furthermore, Honors Program trips will have priority over non-Honors trips. This means that if you have it reserved and an Honors class needs it during your time, we would give it to them even though you requested it first.

View the Van Schedule
Find a Certified Driver
Submit a Request for the Van
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