University Conduct Board Seeking Nominations

Just the words "University Conduct Board" in blue font

University Conduct Board Seeking Nominations Community Standards is seeking nominations for the University Conduct Board (UCB). The UCB is a student panel who is specially trained to review and adjudicate alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. This is a unique role on our campus allowing students to directly interact with their peers to promote…

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Celebrate St. Patty’s!

Three smiling children with their arms around each other, from the Help Me Grow website

Celebrate St. Patty’s! The Salt City Market is hosting a St. Patty’s party and are looking for volunteers.  Help me Grow is looking for 3-5 students that could help label developmental toys with labels.  Salt City Market specifically needs 10 volunteers in the following roles: 2 – Green Lemonade  Pour pre-made lemonade from dispenser, add…

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Join Success Saturdays

globe with cartoon figures

Join Success Saturdays Success Saturdays is a program held by Campus Connect. Every Saturday morning we provide K-12 students with tutoring, mentoring, kids’ activities, lunch, field trips, etc. Our goal is to provide resources and build relationships that nurture the growth of Syracuse children who come from difficult backgrounds. Syracuse city ranks number one in…

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Mentor High School Students

Mentor High School Students Volunteers are needed to become “Skill Coaches” and help teach high school students at Nottingham High School and Fowler High School with different skills they will need for their future careers. The main skills focused on in these lessons include typing, Dale Carnegie principle practice, interviewing skills, and resume skills as…

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Educate Yourself for Civic Good

Skanonh logo

Educate Yourself for Civic Good Occasionally Honors offers students civic engagement hours for participating in programs which contribute to the civic good of the community. Such a program is being offered on campus and we would love to have Honors students show their interest and support. Below you will find all of the details and…

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Forever Orange

forever orange

Forever Orange The Forever Orange Student Alumni Council celebrates the Orange spirit that is unique to Syracuse University students and alumni. The Council educates on the importance of philanthropy and stewardship, fosters student-alumni connections and encourages service to the University and the surrounding community. The Forever Orange Student Alumni Council empowers all members of the…

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English Conversation Group

English Conversation Group If you are interested in: Earning your civic engagement hours Building your network around the world Learning about different cultures Building your leadership and facilitation skills Helping International folks in our community Highlighting a high impact position on your resume and developing an influential reference Then apply to join our team! From…

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Nutrition Initiative at the Shaw Center

A rainbow collection of foods shaped into a heart pattern

Nutrition Initiative at the Shaw Center The Nutrition Initiative at the Shaw Center is looking for volunteers for our three programs! We encourage you to participate in one (or more) of the volunteer opportunities detailed below! These programs provide volunteer hours, resume experience, and a chance to practice what you are learning in the classroom.  Books…

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Serve with CLASS

As part of the Academic Integrity process and policy at Syracuse University, students serve on panels along with faculty and administrators to hear and decide cases involving Academic Integrity.  The Academic Integrity Office in coordination with all the schools/colleges is looking to train students who are interested in serving on panels as needed.  Training is…

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Be a Moderator on Presentation Day

Hall of Languages

Be a Moderator on Presentation Day Serve as a Presentation Day Moderator and experience the exciting work your senior colleagues have completed in their thesis projects. Moderators welcome audience members to each panel, introduce the presenters, and keep track of the session time limits. Serving as a moderator has many benefits: you get to learn…

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