Speech and Debate Coaches

debating cartoon figures

Seeking Applications for two Assistant Speech and Debate Coaches for Spring and Fall 2022. To help support North Side Learning Center’s new speech and debate team, we are seeking undergraduate and graduate applicants with competitive speech and debate experience to work as part-time assistant speech and debate coaches during the 2022 Spring and Fall semesters.…

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Be a Peer Educator

blue background with three tiny drawings: brain, heart, owl eyes and the words "Become a Peer Educator"

Be a Peer Educator Peer Educators work in health promotion at the Barnes Center at The Arch and are a group of undergraduate students who provide health and wellness information to the campus community. Peer Educators are held to a high standard in their role and act as liaisons that connect their peers to an…

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Down on the Farm

Teresa hugging a young cow

Teresa Buzzoni (Max/PC 23) began working and volunteering at Middlebush Farms over five years ago when she began raising her own herd of Jersey cattle. “The Puskas family at Middlebush allowed me to pursue my passion of cattle husbandry by teaching me and allowing me to volunteer to practice my skills and gain experience. Middlebush…

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Colette-van-Olden with the training group

Colette van Olden helped to set up, teach, and breakdown a training with Empower the Girls. The program teaches women to be self-aware and prepared. It goes over the fundamentals of safety and moves in case of attack. “Working in this program, I have not only been able to empower others, but also empower myself,”…

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Mary-Fitgerald and her InclusiveU buddy

Education student, Mary Fitzgerald met weekly with her peer partner who is a student in the Inclusive U program here at Syracuse University. Mary said, “This experience both connected me to the idea of civic engagement and more insight into my future career as an educator. By volunteering, I was able to form a connection…

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Dear Brutus

Jack stands on night time outdoor stage

During the first Covid-19 Lockdown, Jack Poulin (VPA ’23) gathered a group of out of work actors and directed a production of “Dear Brutus” by J. M. Barrie using covid techniques to keep separation that pre-dated the covid protocols theatres use today. The day of the show they raised just under a thousand dollars for…

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Evening with Jay Smooth

Evening with Jay Smooth 2019

Alexander Tsemberis ’21 coordinated with Deans, the Chief Diversity Officer at SU, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Hendricks Chapel to organize a keynote guest speaker on campus, securing a budget of over $15,000. He managed communications plans between the keynote guest speaker’s talent agency and Phi Sigma Pi; coordinated all keynote guest speaker’s engagement…

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After the Storm

Nicole-Llewellyn with a group of young volunteers

For one week, Nicole Llewellyn ‘21 volunteered in San Juan, Puerto Rico to aid in relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria. She painted homes for local residents and cleaned up a school that had been damaged during the hurricane. “Volunteering is certainly about engaging with the community,” according to Nicole, “but it’s also something…

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Sharing Her Home

3 students at an HASA food event

Arts and Sciences student, Denise Magny ’22 has transitioned from secretary to vice-president and finally to president of the Haitian-American Student Association (HASA). “Through creating many social media campaigns and general body meetings,” Denise said, “I have shared and highlighted the rich culture and history of Haiti while also promoting the importance of diversity and…

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When You Need Him Most

Matthew-Sala in SUA uniform sitting in ambulance

Matthew Sala is a Crew Chief, a Driver, and a mentor for new members of Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA). “Volunteering with SUA has profoundly impacted my idea of what it means to engage with the community,” Matthew said. “Providing care for SU/ESF students and faculty in their times of greatest need has shown me how…

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