Be a Peer Educator

Be a Peer Educator

Peer Educators work in health promotion at the Barnes Center at The Arch and are a group of undergraduate students who provide health and wellness information to the campus community. Peer Educators are held to a high standard in their role and act as liaisons that connect their peers to an array of different campus resources to ensure further student success. There are three Peer Education teams that each specialize in different dimensions of wellness.  

1. Be Wise: focus on educating and empowering the campus community to make informed decisions regarding the use of alcohol and other substances.  

2. Students Advocating Mental Health Empowerment (SAMHE): focus on mental health and emotional intelligence through an array of subjects related to stress and time management, self-care, and sleep hygiene. 

3. Peer Educators Encouraging Health Relationships and Sexuality (PEEHRS): focus on sexuality and relationships including topics like consent, pro-social bystander intervention, sexual health and pleasure.  

Some examples of our most highlighted programs are the Wellness Leadership Institute which is a series of workshops supportive of holistic health and wellness. In addition to the new Adeventure Based Counseling group (ABC group) that uses adventure-based activities to foster personal growth. 

For more information on these programs, please feel free to utilize the links below: 

  1. Wellness Leadership Institute Link: 
  1. Adventure-Based Counseling Link: