Gaming Counts Too!

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The weekend of Jan 25-27, Syracuse University is hosting a site for the Global Game Jam (GGJ) and we need your help! The GGJ has teams at hundreds of sites all over the world trying to create games within a 48 hour window. It is open to people of all skill levels, and folks work on both digital and analog games. It’s a lot of fun, and some truly amazing and creative work comes out of the weekend. More details can be found at our website: and at

The event will be at and around the Blackstone LaunchPad in Bird Library. Free meals and coffee will be available for volunteers.Volunteer responsibilities for the general shifts are mainly being the point person for any questions that arise — mainly issues about the schedule, hours, rules of the jam, where food is, unofficial playtests, etc.

Volunteers will not be expected to fix technical issues or resolve emergency situations (if any were to arise), just pass it along to the correct services and/or let one of the other organizers know. There are also some special shifts that carry other (usually fun) responsibilities, and we need critical mass for those! The schedule is divided them into 4-hour shifts across the weekend, but if you have odd schedules and would like to work at different points, we can work it out. One last thing: you may definitely participate in the jam while you are volunteering as well, so long as you are visible and available to help out if the need arises!

Interested Volunteers can view the shifts where we need coverage here (empty slots with color indicate needed help), and then they can email Jana Rosinski  to sign up for shifts:

Volunteer Shift Needs Link (View Only)